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Baby Symptom Checker

Does your baby have tummy troubles, issues with feeding, or won’t stop crying?
There may be practical things you can do to ease their discomfort. If your baby is less
than 12 months old, complete this quick symptom checker to learn more.

Things to know

  • This tool is for babies less than 12 months old only.
  • Based upon your answers, we’ll give you a ‘symptom summary’ that you can take to your GP or Healthcare Professional.
  • Remember, this tool offers practical advice but is not a medical diagnosis tool.

Disclaimer: Please be advised this online Symptom Checker is NOT a medical diagnosis tool and is not intended to replace professional advice from your Pharmacist, GP or healthcare professional. The information provided in this tool may not be appropriate for you and your circumstances. You should not use the information contained in this site to diagnose a health or medical condition or problem, or alter, commence or delay any medical treatment. You should always check with your healthcare professional before relying on any information posted on this site.

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Baby Symptom Checker